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Q. Where can I read a transcript of the video on this site?


This page provides a transcript of the GovDelivery Subscriber Help video. In this video Jennifer Kaplan, a Product Marketing Manager at GovDelivery, presents Subscriber Tips on how you can manage your email and text message subscriptions with GovDelivery. This video lasts three minutes and seven seconds.




Your ability to comfortably interact with the government organizations that matter to you, matters to us.

That's why at GovDelivery we provide government organizations of all sizes with the technology they need to communicate with over 50 million people every day, just like you.

Through GovDelivery software, parents can get critical public health updates you can get real-time traffic text messages to make your commute a little bit easier, and children who dream of being astronauts can get daily space photos.


Text appears that indicates what types of devices you can receive your GovDelivery updates: on laptops, smart phones and tablets.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the updates that are available to you.

You're watching this video because you're looking for some help regarding those updates, so let's get right into some quick tips on how to manage your email and text message subscriptions with GovDelivery.

If you're getting too many or too few emails from an organization or you want to explore your options or different types of updates you could be receiving, you can always edit your preferences in your subscriber profile.

To do this, you'll need to access your subscriber profile for the organization whose emails you're receiving by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email you received from them.


A sample email inbox appears and the bottom link for "Subscriber Services" is highlighted as an example of what the subscriber preferences link will look like and where in the email it is located.


The text of that link itself will vary depending on the organization, but it will likely read Manage Preferences, Manage Subscriptions, Subscriber Preferences, or a label of a similar nature.


A sample Subscription Preferences page is displayed that highlights how you can add or delete topical subscriptions, can edit your email preferences such as frequency of email address, add password protection to your account, and answer any optional personal questions that an organization has requested.


From this page, you'll be able to manage the updates you receive which are listed under the Subscriptions tab.

You can also click on the Preferences tab to change how frequently you receive emails from that organization, change your email address, or even add a password to protect your profile.

Some organizations also have a tab that reads Questions.

Here is where you'll modify any extra information an organization has requested of you, such as first name or zip code.

On the Subscriptions tab, you'll also see a link that reads "Add Subscriptions." Click here to be taken to a page of available updates from that organization to add more topic updates.

You can also click on the Delete Account link to remove your account and subscriptions with that organization entirely.

Remember, if you're receiving email updates from multiple organizations, you'll need to manage your subscriptions with each organization individually.


The text "Text Message Management" and a sample webpage for "Capital City" displays to highlight how you can go to an organization's webpage to sign up for text messages just like how you signed up for email updates.


If you're receiving text messages via GovDelivery, you can manage those updates as well.

Just head to the website for the organization whose text message alert you are receiving, and enter your mobile number as if you were signing up to receive those updates for the first time. Your mobile number will be recognized by the system, and you'll be taken to a page where you can edit your text message subscriptions.

This site is designed to answer any questions you may have about your subscriptions and the updates you've received.

If anything it's unclear or you still have questions, you can always contact us, and our knowledgeable support staff will be glad to assist you. At GovDelivery, we're proud to be a part of your daily life, delivering information that matters most to you, because that's what matters to us.

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